Simmer Down, Simmers!

There is constant drama on the Sims Official Forums. It’s been happening since the Sims 4’s release…it was probably happening before then, too. I just wasn’t paying any attention to it. 

It seems that certain people take offense when other people disagree with them about liking or disliking Sims 4. Both sides are busy pointing the finger and whining about how the other side is using inflammatory language against them.

I love the Sims Franchise as well, and I’ve been playing its games in every iteration since the original came out in 2000. I, too, am passionate about it. I have my own complaints against Sims 4 and Sims 3. In fact, I was quite vocal about my disappointment in the Sims 3 when it came out. However, I never took it personally when other Sims fans didn’t agree with me.

Here’s the number one thing about all of this drama that I don’t understand: if you love the Sims 4 and you can’t stand to read about how other people don’t like it, why on Earth do you open an obviously negative thread ? The same applies to the other side as well. It’s like they’re  looking to get all butthurt, or something!